Inspired by the structure of a tower crane, Balance only lights up when perfectly balanced. It is lamp you have to touch, whether you want to or not, either to adjust it or to switch it on or off. The will to use it must be stronger than the fear of disturbing the balance.
 The lamp consists of two posts anchored by a single wire. When the two posts touch, the circuit is completed and the LEDs turn on. The light can be adjusted by simply sliding the horizontal post to the desired position. By sliding the post on the non-conductive segment, the light is switched off.
 Balance has an elementary design. By leaving out unnecessary details, the lamp has an archetypal, graphic and grounded appearance. Nevertheless, it retains a vulnerability where the balance can be easily disturbed.
 The lamp was originally designed for the exhibition 'Untouchables' by collective Dutch Invertuals and first presented during Dutch Design Week 2011 in Eindhoven. During the Salone del Mobile 2012 Studio Mieke Meijer presented the second prototype including a suspension lamp within the same concept.
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