Material Depot  is a furniture concept based on perforated panels. None of the individual components have specific functions, allowing them to be combined any way you like – which potentially grants them a longer lifespan. 
  The dimensioning of  Material Depot  is based on  OpenStructures , a construction system that lets everyone design for everybody. It is also a platform that stimulates the exchange of parts, components, experience and ideas and has the ambition to build things together (
 The project is in line with what is known as a building passport in construction. The passport details the circular characteristics of a building. Making the destination of a building or product at the end of its useful life an integral part of the design process leads to more efficient recycling of materials and lower waste of resources.
 In addition to construction materials, Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum and Bulletin Board have been applied in this project for their sustainable nature. Both materials are made of natural ingredients and are produced using environmentally friendly methods. 
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