Dutch Design Week

During Dutch Design Week from October 21st to October 29 in Eindhoven Studio Mieke Meijer is involved in several exhibitions around the city. 


Solo exhibition by Studio Mieke Meijer triggering issues of perspective, scale and proportion.
Location: Onomatopee, Willemstraat 27

Onomatopee_okt2017 (1).jpg

Dutch Invertuals has been challenged to reflect on the iconic brand Luxaflex®. Six designers share their vision on the concept of daylight, going beyond what’s obvious and known.
Location: Fuutlaan 14K

Photography: Ronald Smits / Dutch Invertuals

Photography: Ronald Smits / Dutch Invertuals


45 Dutch Invertuals expose more than 800 objects that normally remain hidden in the archives of their studios. For this exhibition the designers take their personal collection and identity as a starting point to create a container that manifests their ‘Fundamentals’.
Location: Fuutlaan 12B

Photography: Ronald Smits / Dutch Invertuals

Photography: Ronald Smits / Dutch Invertuals


As a collective of bright young designers, Envisions has been working for the last 2 years stretching the imaginary gap between disciplines while developing new materials, open source concepts and new found collaborations with the industry. During Dutch Design Week, Envisions turns VDMA into the home of a whole new perspective of visionary/daring/models & aspirations in fruitful collaborations with the likes of colleagues, artists and brands. 
Location: VDMA, Vestdijk 25

Photography: Ronald Smits

Photography: Ronald Smits


During Dutch design Week 2017, Broeinest will be tranformed into an exhibition space where visitors can explore products and materials by Baars & Bloemhoff, Spectrum, Modular Lighting Instruments, Barrisol, Busch-Jaeger, Interface and Forbo Flooring Systems. Furthermore the third edition of Transitions will be on show with brand new designs by 6 talented designers.
Art direction: Raw Color
Exhibition design: Studio Mieke Meijer
Location: Broeinest, Torenallee 45

Photography: Ronald Smits

Photography: Ronald Smits


Exhibition by Forbo Flooring Systems during Dutch Design Week at Kazerne Eindhoven showing the endless possibilities of Forbo products. Curated by Marijke Griffioen and Thomas Eurlings.
Location: Kazerne, Paradijslaan 2-8

Photo by: @hermandewinter styling by ThomasEurlingsdesign

Photo by: @hermandewinter styling by ThomasEurlingsdesign


For the new brand Tablooo, 4 talented designers (Studio Mieke Meijer, Rene Siebum, Daphna Laurens and Klaas Kuiken) were commissioned to design a table. Studio Mieke Meijer designed a table consisting of a four cm thick solid wood top supported by T-shaped metal legs. The legs both angled in x and y-axis create a self-supporting structure resulting in a beautiful detail visible on the table top. The table is available in various material and colours via the Tablooo website.


The Space Frames light objects illuminate Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris from November 17 - January 2017 as part of the exhibition FRAMES. With creations from The Wrong Shop, Pierre Casenove, Marlene Huissoud and Aman Khanna. Location: 111 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France.


The Space Frames light objects will be exhibited at Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday November 17th at 18.30 H. You are kindly invited! 



From August 18-20, Studio Mieke Meijer will exhibit at northmodern, Scandinavia’s new innovative furniture and lifestyle trade show in Copenhagen. Divided into two main segments – Furniture and Interior – northmodern is a trade show presenting a lively mix of high end brands, upcoming designers, new talents, galleries, showrooms and special projects.


Beirut Design Week 2016

For the 3rd time Studio Mieke Meijer will present her work as part of the NE-AR exhibition during Beirut Design Week. The largest growing design festival in Lebanon and MENA, this year's fifth edition, themed "Growing Sustainability", takes place on May 20-29 in different districts across all of Beirut. Different from previous years the Dutch exhibition takes place at KED, Karantina. Other participating designers are Atelier Rick Tegelaar, Atelier Max Lipsey, Olivier van Herpt, Sanne Schuurman, Atelier Joost Seegers, Niek van der Heijden, Os∆Oos, Ritchie van Daal and T+LOCAL.

Salone del Mobile Milano 2016

'Maybe blue would have been better' is the title of our upcoming exhibition together with Studio Jeroen Wand during the Salone del Mobile from April 12-17.

The process of making something is full of dilemmas, questions and decisions. By only viewing the end result the audience often doesn’t come to know what has happened before, what has passed. Doubt, uncertainty and hesitation are crucial moments in a design process. It’s these turning points, when the object is not yet completely there, that are primary and valuable. By putting the process forward, and asking whether it should have been blue, the focus does not solely lie on the moment and object in front of you, but also on what has been and what is still to come. 

Location: Prometeo Gallery, Via Ventura 3, 20134 Milan. Opening times: Daily 10.00 – 20.00. Sun. 17 Apr. till 18.00. Opening evening: Wed. 13 Apr. 20.00 – 22.00. 

This exhibition is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

Graphic design: Staynice

Graphic design: Staynice

panel discussion March 15th 2016

Publication launch and conversation on Gulf inspired design with a curator and two designers from Once Upon DESIGN: New Routes for Arabian Heritage. A one-year research project by Banafsajeel on Reinventing Heritage culminated in a cutting edge contemporary design exhibition produced by 1971 Design Space featuring seven installations that draw inspiration from intangible heritage of the Arabian Peninsula, taken in contemporary design directions.

Noor Aldabbagh, founder of Banafsajeel (Dubai - Riyadh) and curator of the 1971 Design Space exhibition "Once Upon DESIGN: New Routes for Arabian Heritage"

Maha Al Sudairi, founder of Think Tank Co. in Jeddah who along side her team  at the Think Tank Co. developed Takki W Hakki, an interactive installation based on the idea of camel saddles featuring Samry music and light

Roy Letterlé, co-founder of Studio Mieke Meijer in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, who has developed Courtyard Culture, an outdoor installation recontextualising traditional courtyard architecture

Moderated by Salem Al Qassemi, AUS Assistant Professor of Design and founder of Fikra Design Studio

Location: The Studio
Date: March 15th 2016
Time: 7:00-8:00pm

Work in progress

A few days before the opening of the exhibition Once Upon Design: New Routes for Arabian Heritage we are in Sharjah (UAE) to help finishing our outdoor interactive installation Courtyard Culture. The installation has been locally produced and we are Design Space 1971 and all the people involved very thankful for making this happen! Opening is Thursday March 3 at 7:00 PM. 

Once upon design, new routes for Arabian heritage

Studio Mieke Meijer participates in an exhibition at 1971 Design Space, Sharja (UAE) which demonstrates ways in which contemporary design is influenced by old practices native to the Arabian Peninsula or carried over by migrant communities, such as woodwork and ceramics. Eight installations blend past and future and merge time with space; they reflect collaborations across various design disciplines that respond in diverse and imaginative ways to traditional forms of making. Architecture is recontextualised or deconstructed, Nabati poetry is transformed, and nostalgic traditions and rituals such as incense and majlis gatherings are methodically enhanced or playfully subverted. Opening: Wednesday 3 March, 2016, 7:00 p.m. Location: 1971 - Design Space, The Flag Island, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates





Salone del Mobile 2016

Same as last year, Studio Mieke Meijer will present together with Studio Jeroen Wand during this year's Salone del Mobile. We found a wonderful location in the heart of Lambrate  where we will present new work. More info soon! 

Photography: Prometeo gallery

Photography: Prometeo gallery

Meet the new guard

Everyone is invited for the architecture & interior days by Puem Atelier (a collaboration between Van Tellingen Interieurs, Maas Architecten, Donders & v.d. Heiden Denkers in tuinen) on January 30 and 31 in Zeist. Airframe 01 will be on show as well as part of a selection of emerging designers. For more information check out the Puem Atelier newspaper: http://vantellingen.nl/media/krantPuemAtelier.pdf or the website: http://puematelier.nl/

Photography: Puem Atelier

Photography: Puem Atelier

Pop-up expo @ Just Haasnoot!

During the last days of the year Studio Mieke Meijer shows a selection of her work at Just Haasnoot in Wassenaar (NL). Mieke and Roy will be present during the opening on Sunday afternoon, Dec 20th, so please pass by for a drink & chat and find your last Christmas presents at this wonderful store!

Image: Just Haasnoot

Image: Just Haasnoot

New and improved website

Studio Mieke Meijer has launched  her new website, with improved functionality, design, and navigation. Studio Mieke Meijer offers unique solutions to practical interior design challenges. In close collaboration with architects, interior designers and private clients, she realises functional and spatial interventions renowned for their autonomous character. The works of the studio allow the user to continuously re-define the functionalities of the object. The designs do not regulate a singular use. Spaces and volumes thus become elements with which the user can create his/her own work or living environment. 

he new website features an improved homepage design, cleaner layout of page content, and an intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation system. It is also accessible through a wider range of web browsers and devices, including mobiles and tablets.

Visit us at www.miekemeijer.com

Reinventing Heritage

Last weekend, Studio Mieke Meijer participated In a focus group meeting at 1971 Design Space in Sharjah, UAE, about a design program In collaboration with "Banafsajeel" related to the theme of ‘Reinventing Heritage’. The discussion aimed to highlight the designers experience and the challenges they faced when producing their work. Studio Mieke Meijer presented a project related to this topic in the context of previous works based on industrial architecture. It was a great experience to share ideas and thoughts around this topic and we're looking forward to the next step!

Photography: 1971 Design Space

Photography: 1971 Design Space


Frameworks is part of the exhibition FOREST show #9 at Workshop of Wonders till January 26th 2016.
Design & location: Workshop of Wonders, Utrecht (NL)

Photography: www.JRimageworks.com

Baars & Bloemhoff

Baars & Bloemhoff commissioned six designers to design a product based on their material collection. The results will be exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2015 as part of an exhibition called Transitions in which the decorative and constructive characteristics of the applied materials will become visible. Location: Broeinest, Strijp-S Eindhoven. For more information about the project please check out the website of Baars & Bloemhoff: http://www.baars-bloemhoff.nl/nieuws/

Photography: Raw Color

Photography: Raw Color