Touchables  was designed for the exhibition ‘Copy Nature, Elementary Sentiments’, organized by Beeldenstorm and Onomatopee.  Ten designers got the chance to experiment with metals which resulted in an exhibition presenting object and products that intend to let raw materials last and become cherished by, and for, generations to come.
 For Elementary Sentiments, Mieke Meijer worked with fairly unknown characteristics of copper (and copper alloy such as bronze) – namely, it is a cellular poison for micro-organisms, and a natural disinfectant. Recent studies show that products made of copper house up to 95 percent fewer micro-organisms in comparison to similar products from other material. For objects that are frequently touched by different people, this material property presents a means of preventing the spread of infections.
 Studio Mieke Meijer therefore designed products to be passed around the table – a carafe, bowl and cup – thus emphasizing the touching of the product. What’s more, bronze gets polished through regular handling, and another positive side-effect is that food served bronze stays fresh longer!
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